Deciphering the recruiter: 5 Common profiles an interviewer

Autor: Mercadojobs.

Have all the necessary experience, you prepare a resume highlighting your high impact work skills, you are impeccably dressed and your nerves are concentrated in the only remaining step, the interview with the recruiter.

Submitted to a job interview is almost synonymous sow anxiety and uncertainty. A one way of getting the job you want, you must still face the interviewer without knowing what questions will launch and the fear of being faced with a clash of personalities.

To begin with you should know that experts on employment issues defined the interview as a tennis match: the ball must be on one side or the other, but never stay in the middle. Obviously who fails to respond, it will gradually left out of the play. Generally, recruiters act within five common profiles during a job interview and in Monster we wanted to share with you in order to prepare and get to know the job you want. Aim:  

#1. Standard recruiter

It is the most common of all profiles, specific questions the interviewer throws without any detours or without deeper investigations and expects the same manner, direct answers. The questionnaire is based on general information about your background and experience so that you can have prepared a series of previously learned responses. As the format is quite simple and even stiff, you can lose points stray from the subject, distract or answer vaguely.  

#2. Moderator

One of the schemes in the selection process that involves or requires too many candidates to test certain competence is the resolution of a group approach outlined. Thus the recruiter can see the talent and development of all the candidates. In this case, its role is that of a facilitator who sets the subject and wait for applicants into action. Usually, in such situations who are dismissed they are more introverted or conversely, those who in their intention to grab the attention of the interviewer, too involved without accurate arguments. What better for this type of event is to show self-control, ability to use the tools that we give and ability to make decisions at unexpected times.  

#3. Interviewer - Customer

Look to an interviewer of this profile is that the applicant perfectly know their abilities and know the best way to sell, plain and simple. And when it comes to exposing your personal brand, the recruiter is waiting to know the whole range of talents that define you but, you know your weaknesses and defend convince these can also take advantage of them. It is an interview where security, honesty and creativity play key roles applicant.  

#4. Enigmatic recruiter

An interviewer with this profile but does not seek exact solutions analytical and synthesis of an applicant. It is a cross between a standard profile and throwing unknown or imaginary situations poses, sometimes without solution- for the sole purpose of observing the ability of a candidate to perceive the details and find solutions at an unexpected time customer. You can expect any questions courtesy of the recruiter, especially of daily events that may or may not be related to the position, for example, do you know how many keys have a computer and where is located the open bracket? How many tools occupy on average to develop a project for your work (depending on your position, eg sewing trousers, develop some statistics, fix an engine did you notice the figure that had carpet hall?  

#5. Aggressive - military

If already generated pressure interview, this type of profile requires the candidate to have nerves of steel. Some companies pass that applicants are subjected to greater stress possible to observe his reaction to extremely difficult situations. In this interview the interviewer will try to undermine the candidate attacking its weakest points, confusing, questioning their moral and leading to extreme emotions. It is a violent profile that requires applicants with great patience and mental control. Definitely not suitable for any candidate and therefore not used for any position. In CareerBuilder we want everyone in your dream job and so we offer the best jobs around the world and hundreds of options to potentiate your skills through our training. On our site you can also personally contact companies more competitive market and let them know of your talents. You find your dream job with us.